Monday, October 25, 2021

"Yoda" Edvabsky

In Loving Memory of Yoda
Beloved Pet of the Edvabsky Family


  1. You are my best friend…love and kisses..I miss you my baby girl…yoda

  2. Yoda baby. I miss you so so much…

  3. I saw a rainbow in the sky on my way home from st Augustine. It was oct 31 about 6pm when June, Diane,Connie and myself walked to the end of a long beautiful pier. I cried and chanted nam Moho renege kyo. June helped me pour yodas ashes into the Atlantic Ocean. We planned on being high tide. People were fishing and we saw a family of dolphins out a little way. The next day is when we saw a rainbow in the sky nov 1 2021 and it was a sunny day. My baby yoda………love Helene………