Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"Karma" Domske

In Loving Memory of Karma
Beloved Pet of the Domske Family


  1. Three days short of 12 years was just not enough. There is a huge hole in my life Moosh. I miss you so much. Coming home without you is hell. I keep pulling into the driveway, waiting to see the blinds part and those pointy ears poke out. The wiggle butt to start. And every time it doesnt happen, I have to realize you're gone again... You were my baby. My Koojo. My Karma. My coo. My Mooshoo. My Moosh. My cuddle buddy
    The best little brown dog ever and I'm really lost without you. ♥️

  2. Today is 2 weeks you are gone. It still seems so surreal. I still forget you are gone. I washed all of your beds and found all the little ham bones you were hiding from the kitties. Dont worry, I didnt give them to those ungrateful felines! ♥️ They do miss you though. Wizzy starts fights and forgets that you are not there to referee, so she has to run away, lol. Bubba is trying to be a good dog (even though he is a cat) and he does an ok job, but hes no Karma Domske. You gave the best little doggie kisses, you know? I dont know if I ever told you that. But you did. And you were the best cuddle buddy. I miss you coming to snuggle in my lap when I sit on the couch. Noodle has been attempting to fill your spot so I dont go completely crazy, but you know how she is, three pets and she runs away. Lol. I dont know how to do this without you Moosh. I really dont. My heart is so broken, I hate looking at your stuff knowing you arent coming back. I tried going to the pet store, and that didnt go very well. Because all I could think was how I dodnt have a dog anymore. I found a tshirt I bought for you, try that says "Cute but Psycho" in a bag when I was cleaning up and started to cry. You were my whole world and I'm struggling to put myself back together. Just want to say I love you so so many and miss you
    I know you wouldnt want us to be sad, and we are trying not to be, but you were just so awesome that it's hard not to have a huge hole in our lives. I hope you are having a gr eww at time in heaven with Fragilie and Peanut. ♥️

  3. Day 17 without you is a little less hard, but still heartbreaking Moosh. I gave all the cookies away, cause I know you'd want someone else to enjoy them. I put away your bowl, bc it makes me sad to look at it. I am gonna give your basket of toys away. You only played with 4 of them anyways... I'm gonna keep those ones.
    I miss you so much still. I know you dont want me to be sad, and I'm trying. But I really miss you. You have been the calm in my storm for the last 12 years. You could always make it better. When we lost Peanut, you were there with kisses and snuggles. When we lost Fragilie, you slept extra close and gave extra kisses. Now that I lost you, there's no extra snuggles and no more kisses. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling around for you. You would always sleep touching me, and I needed that as much as you did. ♥️ I also really miss the bootie hydraulics as you tried to coat yourself in my smell. I miss your frito burrito dog smell. And your little dog hair all over my clothes. I mean, let's just be honest, I miss it all. I cant wear my Dog Mom clothes anymore bc they make me sad. I know one day I'll be ok. But that day isnt today. And I hope that you understand that I WANT you to be having fun in little doggie heaven. I really do. I NEVER wanted you to suffer, and I'm so glad that you didnt. But I'm just selfish. I wanted you for my whole life. ♥️ And just know that if my love for you could have kept you alive, you would have lived forever!

  4. Well Moosh, it's been just about a month now.... And I have to say, I'm really not dealing well. I cry all the time. And I look for you everytime I come home. What I wouldn't give for just another little doggie hydraulic session. I saw a little dog at work the other day. His name was Rex. He gave me little doggie kisses and I started to cry. I can't help it. I really miss you. My heart is so broken. Daddy isnt doing too good either, although we both know he hides it a lot better than I do. I'm sure it's because he misses your nightly before bed baths.
    I still don't really know how to handle life without you Moosh. You were my baby. My therapist. My snuggle buddy. The comic relief in my day. My zen place when I came home from a totally shit day and put my face in your belly and smelled your stinky corn chip smell, everything was right in my world. And now? Well, now, everything seems like its just on hold. Like I'm waiting for you. I'm really trying to just remember the happy things, the funny times. And I do. I laugh about the things you used to do all the time. But then I remember that I'll never see those things again and I get sad. I miss your kisses most. And those ears. And your emo eyes.
    I loved you so so many. I hope you are having fun in heaven with Peanut and Fragilie.
    I miss you so so many. ♥️

  5. Well Moosh. I have to say, I read those posts and I cry. I still cry 10 months later. I talk about you all the time and even have a beautiful tattoo portrait of you on my arm now. That helps. A lot. I can bring you everywhere with me now. ❤️. Charlie really helps too, and I know you picked him and that you whisper to him sometimes... You tell him all the things to do that will let me and Daddy know you are around watching out for all of us! I mean because what are the odds that we would get 2 puppies who chewed glasses... only mine at that... or that we would get another dog who would look out the window and wait by the door when I came home.... or when he got a hold of the Donkey that I had put away... I cried you know. I didn't want to give it to him, but then he snuggled it... and that was that, I knew you gave it to him. And I couldn't take it away. I'm doing a lot better Moosh. And that's a lot thanks to Charlie. And a lot thanks to the millions of memories and photos of you that I have. Thank you for choosing me for your mommy. I heart you so many and hope that you are chasing everything in heaven!