Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"Spanky" Pujol

In Loving Memory of Spanky
Beloved Pet of the Pujol Family

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  1. Best dog ever! 100% Jack Russell, super intelligent, super fast. Never met a squirrel or any varmint he didn't run down. We saved him from the pound but it was he who saved us. The joy he brought to my father in his last years (101yrs) and the last 10 yrs with my mom, i can't describe in words. MY dad said he was "his last great friend." The look on my son's face when he picked him out and when we brought him home, that pure joy at his first dog. My neighbor said he was the only dog he knew that was bilingual, cause when at my parents home they would speak only Spanish to him and call him Pacolo and at my home, across the road it was English and he was Spanky. He would in time as all pets do become my wife, Mary's pet. When she was home Spanky was right next to her. Fallowing her from room to room, literally sleeping next to her head as they shared a pillow. MY mom passed on Oct 16th, Spanky a week later. Two large pieces of our hearts and lives taken in a week. A loving Mother and an incredible best friend. As my mom and dad are reunited i know Spanky/Pacolo is sitting on a lap getting a massage for hours.