Monday, November 30, 2020

"Smudge" Hans

 In Loving Memory of Smudge
Beloved Pet of the Hans Family


  1. My darling dearest Smudge. How I miss you so. I still expect to see you in the family room when I get up in the morning. I expect to see you coming run when I open a can of Tuna. I expect you to jump up on the arm of the recliner and sit with me while I read or watch TV. You were my faithful companion for 15 years (less the 1 year you were out galivanting across the countryside.) I thought I would never see you again- but as fate would have it we were reunited. November 23rd you left me again. I pray you are some kind of grand adventure once again. I love you Smudgie Pie forever and ever.

  2. Thank you from our family, this means a whole lot to us. We miss our smudgie dearly. Thankfully your services has made the healing process easier for us. We received our rainbow bridge letter today. We will always miss our smudgie <3

  3. Dear Smudgie,

    You were such an amazing companion for 15 beautiful years and it is so special to me that we were able to grow up together. We think about you constantly and miss you dearly. I hope you are playing with infinite balls of yarn and eating all the tuna in the world. <3 I love you so much Smudgie. Thank you to Faithful Friends for their services and gentle demeanor.