Monday, November 23, 2020

"Jack" Thacker

 In Loving Memory of Jack
Beloved Pet of the Thacker Family

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  1. We truly appreciate all of the support & kind words regarding the loss of our baby boy, Jack Kennedy Thacker
    Aug 28 2004 - Nov 22 2020.
    For those who don't know, Jack came into our lives via the best blessing from my in-laws. They surprised us with him as an early Christmas gift. He was displaced due to the Charlie & Jeanne hurricanes therefore we brought him home at 6 weeks. He was SO tiny! So tiny that I whispered, "Chris, this is a daschund, right?" I couldn't tell bc I had never seen such a tiny one.
    He instantly settled in, with our kitty Romeo. (They had a love/hate relationship... In human view) We loved & laughed every time we caught them snuggling together! Although he was scared of a lot of noises, which we chalked that up to the hurricanes, he had no flaws!! He LOVED fetch! LOVED his cushy crate bed, his Mickey pants and Mickey shoe toys MORE than ANY others he ever had.
    He also loved his own space but when we lost Ro, he went into a deep depression. He would barely eat, was incredibly lethargic and seemed to not have interest in much of anything. Roughly 2 months later, I laid my eyes on Lil' Lady Liberty Belle and there was NO WAY she wasn't going to be ours. The day we brought her home, 11/10/2013, he instantly perked up & she loved on him constantly! She followed him everywhere and wanted to be just like him! They were the best of friends.
    He wasn't much of a cuddler until perhaps a month or two before he passed. All the time he spent not wanting cuddles were certainly made up during that time and we all enjoyed every moment. <3
    He LOVED eggs! Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!!! LOVED his Grandma, his parents and sisters.
    He HATED the water - the ocean, the river, the pool... And especially baths. That said, he was always a VERY happy boy! And we'll forever be convinced that he could tell time as dinner was always made @ 6pm. If I was late by even a minute, he'd let me know! 😂 <3
    He was SMART! He could do more than 20 tricks with only hand signals & was loyal as any could be.

    We are heartbroken. I surmise that goes without saying but we've noticed that Libby is too.
    She cried and cried using vocals and sheading tears as he passed and hasn't stopped looking for him since. She's eaten but then retreats to anywhere I am & wants to be as close to me as possible. (She's always had a lovie/nurse type of personality)
    Moving forward, we know this is going to be a slow healing process for all of us but we will delight in the memories he left us with.

    Again, we thank you for your messages. These are our only babies <3