Friday, March 15, 2013

"Tazmuffin" Stefanavage

In Loving Memory of Tazmuffin
Beloved pet of the Stefanavage family


  1. You will be missed Taz! You were loved by all who knew you. I'll never forget you chewing up my flip flops when I was visiting to get married. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May you have eternal peace.

    Jennifer Stefanavage

  2. I've never met you Taz, but as a Mom to 3 fur babies I know how much you meant to your Mom & Dad. They loved you so much and were hurting watching you suffer. They did everything they couild to keep you here with them. You are at peace now, and someday you will see them again. Rest in Peace little man. <3

  3. I love you, Taz Muff. Please know we did all we could do for you, to save you, but the monster we feared has become too much for you. You cannot understand what's going on or why this is happening... but please trust the decision to let it end for you. Thank you for being the little shadow you were for my mother, Linda, the little buddy you were for Chuck, the big brother you were for Angelina, and the spirited little joy you were for me. You brought laughter and love to us all. You were perfect. You will be missed and celebrated every day. Sleep now, Baby Boy. All dogs go to Heaven.

    Rob Parrott

  4. Baby boy,I haven't posted before now cause it was too was so hard in letting you go altho we knew it was time..we couldn't stand seeing you in were my best buddy...always told you my bundle of energy from the get go..always riled were the cutest little puppy with your curls...Taz , you opened my heart and filled it with your wet kisses...those big 'ole brown eyes just melted your were taken away from us too soon..thank you for coming by every once in awhile..I see your little sprinkles of love everyday and that has helped me so much..I love you sweetie...kisses...

  5. My beautiful little boy...we miss you ..I never go a day without thinking of you..I think of the changes in our life and wish you were here to share them..I'd give anything to have you run to me as I come home..come visit me again..I do hear you at times and see that whish of fur flash by me..I love you little sweetie..