Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Mayson" Nguyen

In Loving Memory of Mayson
Beloved pet of the Nguyen family


  1. Mayson was a great companion! He gave our family unconditional love. If you were to look up the definition of FAMILY, you will surely find his picture. Yes he had his way of annoying you, but those were the moments you look back at and missed. I asked God the other day if I would ever see Mayson again, there that night he answered my prayer. Mayson came into my dreams. He was as happy as can be. Before I was awaken from my dream, I remembered the last look he gave me. It was the look of Im ok mommy. Im safe now. Im being very well taken cared of. This is not goodbye, but Ill see you later......

  2. I loved this dog. He was scrawny and didn't have much to pet, but he was still an awesome dog. He always looked around at our giant world with inquiring eyes. I will miss the little guy. But all dogs go to heaven, so i know he's in a better place.

    I will miss seeing you every time i visit my niece. Thank you for touching our lives....