Wednesday, March 31, 2021

"Willson" Hammill

  In Loving Memory of Willson
Beloved pet of the Hammill family


  1. Willson William Wallace Hammill
    Beloved Leopard Gecko
    (Age 15 – 20)

    After being gifted by a student to Mr. Antonio Perez, Willson spent his young life in the biology lab at Jesuit High School.
    There were many other animals that lived in the lab, including a African Fat-Tailed Gecko who’s habitat was right by Willson’s.
    Willson was loved and well cared for by Mr. Perez and his students.
    Willson enjoyed eating meal worms, crickets, and anything that Mr. Perez could find off of the ground.

  2. Before retiring in 2009, Mr. Perez entrusted Willson’s care to his granddaughter, Miranda Hammill.
    Willson came to live with Miranda in the summer of 2008, right before she entered the 7th grade.
    Miranda was so happy and excited to get to be able to take care of Willson because she had been asking her mom to adopt one of the animals at her grandpa’s lab.
    Willson came with a 10-gallon tank, a heated rock (that was much too heated and had to be wrapped in paper-towles), a dry hide house (which he loved and lived in until his last days), and a Christmas tin filled with mealworms and beatless.

  3. Under the care of Miranda Hammill, Willson received the upmost attention.
    Upon arriving home for the first time, Willson swiftly got a new heated rock (one that was much more safe) and fresh food and calcium dust from the pet store.
    Willson loved to eat both crickets and meal worms.
    Before going on family vacations, Willson could easily snap up 12 crickets or more in one sitting.

    Willson was always happy and smiling.
    Willson enjoyed an active lifestyle and loved climbing his climbing stick and tank plants.
    Willson could be quite aggressive, and would bite and bark/squawk when he didn’t want to be handled.
    Willson also enjoyed sleeping on in his dry hide house (the same house that came with him from the lab) and by his new heated rock.

    The Hammill family celebrated Willson’s birthday in August (the month that Willson came to live with them)
    Willson’s exact age is unclear, but he was with Miranda through most of middle school, all of high school, all of college, and into her adult career.
    As a part of her daily routine, Miranda always said goodbye to Willson before leaving for work and would look forward to greeting him when she got home.
    Miranda loves Willson very much, he is the best leopard gecko in the world.

    Willson is a beloved and valued member of the Hammill family.
    Miranda will always love her little buddy and will keep him close in her heart and memory.
    Miranda continues to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, for whom nothing is impossible, that she and Willson can be reunited someday in heaven.