Friday, December 18, 2020

"Bubba" Barrett

In Loving Memory of Bubba
Beloved Pet of the Barrett Family   

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  1. We lost our Lovable Dog Bubba JR. This dog has a story that is hard to believe. He was found in an abandoned house when he was only about three weeks old by a friend of ours. They took him home nursed him to health took him to the Vets got him his first set of shots and of course got his balls cut off. They could not keep him so; got it we took him.
    We brought him home and introduced him to his new brother Zeus (110 lbs of German Sheppard) Bubba and Zeus where best of Buddies always together playing. They loved to play catch.
    Bubba was a Lover from the start he always had to touch one of us. He was a protector right there with Zeus. When Zeus passed Bubba was lost without his Buddy, as we were also.
    In October 2018 Bubba was diagnosed with leukocytosis with mature neutrophila and monocytosis aka. Leukemia. Bubba was given 2 blood transfusions and three nights at Blue Pearl Hospital in Atlanta.
    Bubba kicked back like a wild Fighting machine! He did doing great until April 2020. He went out of remission. We didn’t even have a Vet at the time. We found a local Vet in Lakeland, Fl North Polk Animal Hospital; Dr Weirather (Dr Y) a good old country Vet. He took Bubba home with him and gave Bubba a blood transfusion from Pig. Pig is his dog a Great Dame weighing 150 pounds. After 2 days at Dr. Y’s we were sent home with IV’s that we gave to Bubba twice a day. He took that like a Fighter. Dr. Y said he hopes he makes it over the weekend. Bubba did it again!
    So, for 8 months we were able to enjoy Bubby! He is now with his brother Zeus looking over us as he has always done.