Monday, July 27, 2020

"Pepper" Johnston

In Loving Memory of Pepper

Beloved pet of the Johnston family

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  1. Pepper wasn't your average pet. He was a possum. He was raised on a construction site by the workers who played with him and fed him. Because of this he wasn't afraid of humans and would not have survived on his own in the wild. When the building was completed the owners wanted him exterminated. The wonderful pest control man couldn't do that and so he brought Pepper to me. I know most people have a bad feeling about possums or no feelings at all. But he was so many things to me. He was funny and loved to play, yes play. He was a mischievous little boy who had to investigate everything. But most of all he was affectionate and loved to cuddle with his mama. He loved having his back rubbed and getting kisses on his nose. And he loved to snuggle under the covers in my bed with his head resting on the pillows like he owned it. I will never forget Pepper and can't wait for the day I see him on the rainbow bridge again!!! Thank you Faithful Friends Cremation for taking such good care of my boy!!! I love you Pepper!!!!! And always will!!!