Thursday, February 27, 2020

"Fragilie" Domske

In Loving Memory of Fragilie
Beloved pet of the Domske family

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  1. Fragilio. I don't know what to say. Even 4 years later. We had almost 17 FANTASTIC years together. I have yet to find another you. I have yet to find another snuggle bug who just wanted to be with her people - ie me. Another cat that was NEVER afraid of people, dogs or other cats. Another cat that was a foot and cologne whore. Another cat who was as clumsy as you.... Thank you for picking us. Thank you for all of the good times and the breathy purrs and the snuggles. Thank you for the love you gave all of the kitties that came through our house. Thank you for loving your canine sister Karma, even though she drove you crazy. You were my first love Gilio. You made me a mommy. You filled my heart and set the expectation for every kitty that has come after you. I heart you.