Thursday, August 23, 2018

"Cash" Sanderson

In Loving Memory of Cash
Beloved pet of the Sanderson family


  1. On May 9th, Cash was diagnosed with lymphoma and on August 21st, he lost the battle. Cash brought so much to so many with an instinct you can’t train or teach. He wasn’t just my dog, he belonged to everyone.
    This is a poem I wrote for Cash, “I Knew this Day Would Come...”

    I knew this day would come
    The hardest of them all.
    I’ve dreaded it for so long
    A great dog’s final call.

    From the day a puppy’s born
    To the day their heart stops beating,
    It’s just never enough time.
    Circle of life, just keeps repeating.

    I knew this day would come
    My dog, my partner, my friend
    My heart’s completely broken
    Our journey has reached it’s end.

  2. Cash was a faithful partner and good friend to all. I fell in love with him the moment that I met him. He was gentle and sweet, a wonderful ambassador for his breed. Run free Cash.... You will live in our memories forever. Love, Rose and Zorra

  3. Cash will live on in the memories of all those whose lives were enriched by his presence. He was special and we will miss Cash.

  4. Cash was a once in a lifetime companion. He will always be in hearts of all whose lives he touched. As will you Tracy. Hugs