Tuesday, February 6, 2018

"Doodles" Rupert

In Loving Memory of Doodles
Beloved pet of the Rupert family


  1. Mommy Misses You Sooo Much My Baby Boy, My Lil Dudie. I Thank You So Much for Your 15 Years Of Unconditional Love & Your Faithful Companionship. You Took A Piece Of My Heart with You. I Know You Are Running Pain Free & You No Longer Suffer & For That I Am Grateful. You Are Reunited With Brandi, The Love Of Your Life & I Just Want You To Know That I Will Faithfully Look After, Take Care Of, & Love You & Brandi’s Baby Boy, Lil Rupe, Until The Day Comes That He Is Reunited With You & His Mommy.
    Untill I See You Again,
    Love Mommy ❤️❤️XOXO

  2. I was just a young 15 year old boy when we picked you up from a home where we felt like you were abused. You were pretty timid for a while but grew to love us all very deeply. You were suppose to be “my” pup but you took to our mom instantly. You became her protector and strength. You watched me turn into a man and have a family of my own and I’m grateful for how good you were with my boys. You were a tough little dog who protected his little family. I thank you for taking care of our mom for all those years, showing her never ending love and companionship. You never left her side. We will never forget you little Dude. Give Lassie and Brandi kisses for us. ❤️