Monday, September 25, 2017

"Clifford" Pullara/Kelly

In Loving Memory of Clifford
Beloved pet of the Pullara/Kelly family

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  1. TRIBUTE TO MY PRECIOUS CLIFFORD WHO PASSED AWAY PEACEFULLY IN HIS SLEEP TODAY! A little story about my fur baby Clifford that I feel the need to share today to hopefully bring my non stop tears to a smile remembering all the joy he brought to my life! We adopted Clifford when he was just 8 weeks old and full of life to say the least. Clifford was my 2 sons first puppy who they adored. He was born in January of 2005 and in March 2005, Clifford took his first road trip out of Florida to vacation in the beautiful mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. He experienced snow at 8 weeks old but not sure he liked it on his feet. He has been to our Gatlinburg home many times over the 12 years of his life having experienced 10 hour road trips, wild bears hanging out on our property, high mountain wind storms and rain, COLD WEATHER, true mountain living, strolling through downtown Gatlinburg and lastly barely escaping the Gatlinburg fires with us in November 2016. The first 2 years of his life was pretty normal. However, he then was diagnosed with cancer so we took the next steps to fight for his life. He had surgery to remove the cancer and went through cancer treatment and finally beat the cancer. Just when we thought all was good, he developed many ailments over the years and we always stepped up to the plate and took the next steps to fight for his life even though vets told us to not do so. He was a huge part of our family and I was not going to lose him at such a young age either. He shared many precious moments with all he came in contact with having enjoyed drive in movies, convertible car road trips which he loved so much, short walks, birthday parties, swimming in the pool, and hanging with his fur brother and sister. Clifford was a huge part of our real estate business too having been on many of our advertisements and our clients loved him too when they visited him in our office. I must also say that he was greedy with his food and dog bones though but that was fine with me and his fur siblings. My son Sebastian Pullara actually taught him to scream and I mean scream MAMA. I would tell my friends about my Clifford calling for MAMA and they thought i was crazy until they heard him say MAMA themselves. Clifford was extremely smart except he thought NO really meant YES and I always caved in to him in the end no doubt. He had me wrapped around his paw too! It is so sad that he actually beat cancer and his many other ailments but was not able to overcome Cushings disease which I do believe ultimately took his life today. He had more than 9 lives over 12 years and for that I am grateful but the pain of losing him today crushes my heart!!! I will always remember Clifford for being a strong willed fur baby fighting for his life and to be by my side. May he forever RIP and for me as his mom bring some sort of peace for knowing that he decided when his time was to leave us. RIP CLIFFORD WHO I LOVE AND WILL MISS WITH ALL MY HEART! And with that I display my favorite picture of my pumpkin Clifford back in his youth!.