Thursday, August 24, 2017

"Bailey" Sin

In Loving Memory of Bailey
Beloved pet of the Sin family.

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  1. Bailey was my first dog ever.. she was the sweetest, smartest, gentle, loving girl. There aren't enough words to describe her. She listened well and loved like no other. I will miss the way she would stare at the glass sliding door because she needed to potty, or because she wanted to get out and sun bathe. I will miss the way she would ask for water by starring into her water bowl.. she was so smart. I will never forget the way we locked eyes when I first got her.. and ever since then, we would always have that special eye connection that no one else ever had, that I will never forget. I rescued her, but in the end, who really rescued who? I love you Bailey, and you'll always be remembered. You'll be missed dearly by me and your family until the end.

    Love forever and always,
    your mama