Monday, January 2, 2017

"Opie" Giffin

In Loving Memory of Opie
Beloved pet of the Giffin family


  1. Opie ... my baby boy and one of the loves of my life ... I am so blessed God connected us both to each other. I know it is best I released you of pain and un-comfort even thought I miss you every minute. Rose looks for you ... you need to visit her and comfort her and explain your physical absence. LOVE YOU OPIE!!!

  2. I shed a tear every day ... You are missed in every way ... I love you more than words can say ... My baby boy Opie <3 <3

  3. Opie ... my sweet baby boy! Your sister joined you this past Saturday - April 7, 2018. You are the older brother ... help her adjust and show her the way...know that I love you both and miss you both every day. My heartache is eased knowing you two are together and enjoying fun times together, again ... I love you Opie!!

  4. Opie not only did I love seeing you everyday I loved bringing you treats and lots of love. You made everyday the happiest I could have wanted.
    Show Rose around and take good care of her. Miss you my buddy