Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"Jake" Burk

In Loving Memory of Jake
Beloved pet of the Burk family

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  1. Jake we miss you so so much I miss you sleeping with me and waking me up early in the morning to get up and give you that can of food that you just love so much it's not the same without you I know Susie was waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge for you and now you're running and playing with Susie your sister Sassy she misses you so much she's so lonely when it's time to eat because for almost 14 years you two ate together, everytime I run the water I think you're going to come running and crying because you love the water so much your sister is sassy and Maggie and Sadie and mommy and daddy and Rebecca miss you so much you always be in our heart he brought such Joy To Us you were our family it broke my heart to take you to the doctor for one last time on Monday but I know you couldn't go anymore I have you with me in the bedroom cuz used to love to sleep with Mommy and your next to Susie till we meet again Jake Mommy will give you kisses goodnight I miss you baby boy I miss you Jakeapoo