Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Baron Von Stueben" Rushlow

In Loving Memory of Baron Vov Stueben
Beloved pet of the Rushlow family


  1. Baron you have brought us so much joy you are and always will be my favorite German Shepherd Dog. Thank you for all the joy you brought to my life with all your babies you sired. I Love you your human mamma for ever. Till we see each other again when we cross that rainbow bridge take care of Zsa Zsa.

  2. My precious Baron, not a single day passes without your memory. So
    many times you truly saved my life. You always knew my transition to
    civilian life was extremely difficult.You never allowed me to sit
    alone in the dark and it was always your gentle kisses I awoke to
    reassuring me, licking the cold sweat from my face each and every
    nightmare. Always my true friend showering our home with undying love and devotion. Now you, ZsaZsa and Max can great your beautiful Sophie and the Rainbow Bridge. Soon my old friend we all be together for all eternity. Enjoy your paradise my Baron, I love you my boy.
    Your father on earth Eric.