Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"Chevy" Anderson

In Loving Memory of Chevy "Bubba"
Beloved pet of the Anderson family

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  1. "He was born December 2007. We rescued him from Marion County Animal Shelter March 2008. My husband and him locked eyes and it was like witnessing "love at first sight". He was the beginning of our family. Chevy was the name we picked for him. It seemed to fit him to start. Shortly after, we saw how goofy he could be. He was such a hyperactive pup. So "Bubbas" became his nickname. Within a few years, we found out his love for knuckle bones, empty 2 liter bottles (that he'd chase until flattened and torn apart), balloons (or, any round objects that held air, including an exercise ball I had), and water. He destroyed three kiddie pools in his lifetime; two were specifically bought for him. He loved car rides. Once got to ride in my husband's semi, which he sat right in passenger seat staring out the windshield. And it was always a challenge getting him out of the truck. Bubbas was truly one of a kind. He was a big boy but always gentle with the kids. Our hearts are broken with him being taken from us so soon. Our home feels empty without him. Our precious boy will be missed dearly. We love you Bubbas."