Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Maggie" Wazny

In Loving Memory of Maggie
Beloved pet of the Wazny family


  1. Miss Maggie Moo, you brought balance to my parents lives, you enriched them and provided them with companionship. They lived their lives with you and for you. You were more than just a family were family. R.I.P. little girl.


  2. I will always remember Maggie, our garage dog! I will miss watching her run across the parking lot with those little legs to greet me in the garage . RIP Maggie

  3. Dear Cousin Maggie, You were such a WONDERFUL,GIFT from God!! He surely put you in the right hands on this Earth & you brought your family so much joy. As you know you couldn't of had a better home or have been loved more except in the arms of the loving Lord that you are in right now. What an absolute glorious time you must be having & as the song goes "I Can Only Imagine". I'm sure when the time comes you'll be waiting at the Gate to be reunited with your Mom & Dad. You will surely be missed & I'll alsways remember you're awesome, beautiful long eyelashes. See you at Heaven's Gate! Love, Cousin Debra & little Sara XO

  4. Dear Maggie, We never got to know each other very well because there was such chaos when you and my furkids got together. I wish they had more time with you, I'm sure you all would have worked it out and become great friends. Maybe you will all meet up over the Rainbow Bridge someday and can finally play.

    One thing I DO know for certain is that you had a wonderful life and had humans that absolutely adored you. The joy you gave them was so huge in comparison to your tiny size. All who know them say thank you to you for giving them your heart.

    We'll miss you sending us off as we leave for our walk and seeing you do the made dash to welcome us home. Love,JoAnn, Lexy & Joey

  5. Maggie, dear little Maggie, I only had the one year to know you and I am grateful for it. You were a cute, nice, cuddly and wonderful little pup. Missing you long distance. CA Angie

  6. Sweet Maggie. Such a special little girl, always Tom's shadow. I'll miss seeing you out with the boys. Rest peacefully. Rose

  7. Dear Maggie,
    The memories of you will never be gone, you were the most perfect addition to our family and you will be greatly missed!!!
    I loved when you would run up to me and roll over for a belly rub,look out the window and watch for me, and just seeing your little face peep out the window was so sweet!! I will cherish those memories forever in my heart. I look forward to the day we meet again so I can kiss and hold you!! Rest in peace my love.
    Nee Nee

  8. Sweet Miss Maggie:
    There is no feeling greater than unconditional love, and you and your family had that to share for many years. Even though you left our lives, you will never be forgotten. You have left a paw print on our hearts. RIP
    Kelly & Alan

  9. Precious Little Miss Maggie, There are no words strong enough to express how much you are loved or how much you will be missed. My heart always melted everytime I saw you, but it broke when I heard you had to leave us. I will never forget your "almost human" little traits or your beautiful little face.

    Rest in peace precious little girl!!