Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Dylan" Angell

In Loving Memory of Dylan
Beloved pet of the Angell family


  1. Dylan, you we're my constant companion for 14 years. You were loyal, loving, intelligent, faithful, funny boy. Losing you, after losing Ally, has left me empty and broken hearted. I long to have you back with me, my sweet boy. I miss you dearly...we shall meet again. I carry you and Ally with me at all times.

  2. Dylan June 5, 2001 - May 21, 2015
    You and Ally take care of each other
    Until we are together again

  3. From Claudette: Dylan, I know you are up there taking care of Ally. I didn't know you for long, but it seemed like forever! I sure miss you telling me all those stories . Love and miss you-Claudette

  4. (@ Claudette) He sure did tell stories, didn't he? ^ He told a lot of stories! :Dylan, you were such a good boy to, and for, your mama. You, Lynnettem and Ally were blessed to have each other in this life. I am so glad I got to spend time with you, your silliness, your affection...and your *noble*, noble heart.

    1. Thanks , Denise. Dylan was a special boy, as Ally was a special girl. So loving! I was blessed to have them both in my life.

  5. From Lisa: Dylan, you were a beautiful boy and loved Lynnette so much...we alliss you and will always remember you. I know you're with Ally now

  6. Hello Dylan and Lynnette! same here, my beloved Humphy died 2 months ago and until now we can't move on. We've been for 17 years together that's why we don't know how and where to start. Her Box [ashes] is with my room after the pet cremation .