Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Taz" Pattin/Pagan

In Loving Memory of Taz
Beloved pet of the Pattin/Pagan family


  1. Taz was our baby boy from the moment we saw his little face on CL we had to have him he was only a baby when he passed at 11mths but he put his paws on our heart in a way we can never forget Taz will forever be our little babyboy and nothing can change that thank you to family and friends for making his passing a little easier knowing we got to have our baby back in a beauful earn helped us heal alot ! it ment alot to us. thank you. we love and miss taz everyday but we are glad that we can look at him still.

  2. Trust me your aunt noni it gets easier with time. Rip taz the tiny chihuahua with a big heart