Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Major" Boda

In Loving Memory of Major
Beloved pet of the Boda family

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  1. Major was with me through the darkest days of my life. When life had almost pushed me to the end, he would be there each day with his little tail straight up wagging in the air, dragging his "banky" behind him. Always nudging my arm to crawl into my lap. Barking at the door to welcome me home before I could get out of the car. Staring out the storm door with his buddy Lucy, to alert me about what was going on out in the street. Letting me know that the neighbors' dogs were misbehaving. How can you express in words how one little 4-legged soul has saved you from succumbing to the heartaches to be endured in this life. That was my Major...a proud, strong-hearted little dachshund. He finished God's task and now he rests with him in His eternal home, awaiting my arrival one day. God Bless You my Little One. Thank you.