Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Sugar" Deem

In Loving Memory of Sugar
Beloved pet of the Deem family

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  1. Sugar... he was and still is the most wonderful pet, companion, and friend. I remember the day I was blessed with him entering my life. I had got him as a present for my fith birthday, which is on Christmas. My sister had gotten a cat not to far after, named Tiger. Sugar And Tiger soon became best friends, but a year later Tiger had gotten sick. He soon went to the rainbow bridge. The disease Tiger had was incurable. Sugar had the same disease, but was only a carrie. Me being five had no idea it was that bad. Sugar didnt have any of the symptoms untill this past year.And my parens thought it would be best to lt Sugar join Tiger on the rainbow bridge. Of course I was distraught and still am, but it was best. It is hard dealing with his passing, Sugar was the first thing I bonded to at such a young age. We were inseparable, and best friends. He was my baby I love him so much.His fur was a beautiful brown/beige/blonde color. He had white fur on his chest, stomach, paws, and a bit on his face. Sugar had a darker spot on his nose and we used to call him 'Sugar bugar'. He loved to cuddle, and play with my two yorkies. He lived a great 10 years, he was a fighter. The vet had said that Sugar was going to pass nine years ago. But I was blessed with a great ten years of life with him.and for that I am great full. I miss him like crazy, but I know that he is still with me. Even though he isn't here physically, he is with me in my heart. And I love him more than anything in the world. When my dad picked him out for me he said that Sugar was going crazy, so he pretty muh picked himself. My dad told me when he was getting put down that he wished he hadn't have picked a sick cat. But im glad he didnt get another, Sugar is one of a kind. So thankyou dad for picking out my best friend. Getting Sugar cremated was my idea, and my dad was not sure of it. But im glad I did, this way I know I can still come home to him. So in loving memory of Sugar, i would like to say that he was the best cat, and friend I have ever and will ever have. And I know one day I will meet him on the rainbow bridge and we will never again separate.
    ~I Love You Forever And Always Sugar~ ♡