Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Mickey" Brooks-Rabey

In Loving Memory of Mickey
Beloved pet of the Brooks-Rabey family

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  1. Mickey found us at the Pasco County Animal Shelter over seven years ago.

    A shy, small black dog that had been passed around several times. He was curled up on the hot cement floor of a pen looking forlorn like no one would, could ever love him. We fell in love at that very moment.

    On the ride home he was I the very back of our Jeep. I looked in the mirror and saw one small black paw come up on the back of the seat. A few seconds later the other paw was on the seat back. Then slowly, ever so slowly I saw two pointy back ears start to rise above the seat back. At that point Mickey was standing on his hind legs holding onto the seat back. Looking as if was smiling and thinking "I'm going to like this".

    From that point on it was pure love and devotion from Mickey, us and everyone who ever met Mickey. The little black pup loved everyone and everyone seemed to love ou Mickey.