Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Mauka" Ward

In Loving Memory of Mauka
Beloved pet of the Ward family


  1. Mauka will always be part of our family, never to be forgotten. She gave us more than we could have ever given her...and we gave her much. She came all the way from Hawaii and shared in our lives for 14 1/2 years. She was not my whole life, but she made my life whole.

    Rest in peace Mauka...Aloha

  2. Mauka gave us love unconditionally. She changed our lives, made us better people and brought us more happiness than we ever could have imagined. Even as an "old lady" she kept her bright and hopeful outlook...always a puppy in our eyes. We will miss you, Mauka, but you will always be in our hearts. Thank you for loving us...unconditionally.

  3. Hey Mauka,

    I think about you. I miss you. I love you.😘


  4. Hey Mauka,
    It's going to be 7 years next month since you departed my life but never my heart. I miss you so much and think of you often. Daddy lives in Hawaii again; can you believe that...your birth place. Peace and blessings my forever friend!