Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Peekaboo" Henderson

In Loving Memory of Peekaboo
Beloved pet of the Henderson family


  1. At a low point in my life, I finally accepted a good friend’s advice and “got a cat”. I had the good fortune to find a beautiful blue-point Himalayan, with big blue eyes, who needed to be rescued from her life in a cage. Because of her activities when we got home, I named her Peek-a-Boo. She immediately took charge of my life and we formed an everlasting bond. Throughout her (almost) 17 years, she was a little Commander - running a tight ship and keeping her people in line. She was always aware of what went on in the household and was never hesitant to “speak up” when she spotted the slightest change - it was a job well done. The void is beyond words. Carolyn (and Andy)

  2. Peekaboo - you were a beautiful and sweet soul. Carolyn's and Andy's lives were brightened by your presence and I will miss hearing the Peekaboo stories. Please say hi to Sy and Sam for me. Someday we will all be sharing catnip and sunshine together again. - Joan Baptist

  3. Such a beautiful and elegant cat. We are so glad you had so many years together, but we know she is missed very much.

    Love you all,
    Anna, Bill, Emma and Maddy