Tuesday, October 29, 2019

"Peanut" Domske

In Loving Memory of Peanut
Beloved pet of the Domske family

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  1. Two and a half years ago, I opened my front door and a tiny black kitten walked into my house. He took a look around, walked farther inside and started making this loud rumbling PUR.

    He decided that this was going to be his furever home and I loved him instantly. He was tiny enough that I named him Peanut, and he never grew big, he was always the size of a large kitten.

    He tormented Christopher Domske multiple times during those first few weeks because he thought he could climb mount Domske.

    He took over household leadership from Princess Frigilie and made sure that she was well groomed at all times... whether she felt she needed it or not.

    He only liked to be held over your right shoulder. And he would face bump you and give you kisses while he was there.

    And he played so hard every night that when he realized that he was the only one awake, he would freak and think that he had been abandoned and would then procced to sing the song of his people at the top of his lungs until I would wake up and call him to bed. Then he would jump on my chest, rub my face, and pur that belly pur that meant he was happy until we both fell asleep.

    This mor

    When I brought him to the vet because he was acting funny, I fully expected them to tell me I was being paranoid.....

    I wasnt being paranoid.

    I held my Peanut on my right shoulder while he crossed over the rainbow bridge.

    Our house wont be the same.
    My heart is broken <3