Wednesday, January 30, 2019

"Molly" Brownrigg

In Loving Memory of Molly
Beloved pet of the Brownrigg family


  1. We love you forever baby girl. You always met me at the door with a big smail and a ton of kisses. IfI had a crazy day at work you always calmed me down and reminded me that I was you favorite daddy ever. You were the best baby we could ever ask for.
    Dont worry about Maggie Baby, she is doing so well. She misses you so much but she is going to be okay and she will always love you.
    -Daddy (Paul)

  2. I love and miss you so much my Momma Girl. You were my shadow, my love, my everything. I miss you so much that my heart hurts, you will ALWAYS be with Daddy, Ethan and I. Maggie Baby misses you, we are making sure that she stays busy and knows how much she is loved.
    I know you are in heaven with your perfect little wings and one day you will meet me at the Rainbow bridge and we will cross over together never to be separated again.
    Give kisses to Nonna and snuggles to Brutus. I love you my perfect angel. - Momma

  3. Dearest Molly,
    We didn't know you long enough but in our short time together you were immediately in our family. We love you and always will. Your mommy and daddy are devastated missing you but they know you are happy even though they miss you terribly. You're with my babies now. The best dogs ever. I'm sure you have met Jake. Isn't he the best? We will see you again...and your sister is fine. She waits for Uncle Rob at the door. Although she is lost without you she understands. See you soon baby somewhere over the rainbow way up high!!! xoxo Love your new neighbors Heidi and Rob