Monday, December 7, 2020

"Emma" Brewer

 In Loving Memory of Emma
Beloved Pet of the Brewer Family

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  1. Emma Brewer- August 6,2007-December 6,2020
    A little about My Girl:

    Missing you sweet girl. You were my firt born, my first love and I miss you so much. Emma was her name, but I called her "sissy" or Emma Cita Bita. She loved rolling around in the grass, sun bathing,Emma loved killing the squeakers out of her toys, they never lasted long lol. Emma loved her vacations and boating with her family, visiting the parks with her big brother Jayce. Emma loved taking rides in the car, hanging out the window. Emma never liked the swimming pool but we sure tried lol. Christmas was Emma's holiday, she loved snooping around the tree sniffing out her presents. I have some funny videos of Her. We have had so many adventures together. Sissy loved playing with her new friend chewy they were the cutest together. He would climb under her hide, it was the funniest thing. Chewy misses her. When Emma wanted something she would sit and talk to us, and the cutest little sounds and so excited when we talk to
    Her. Emma lived a good long life 13 years and 4 months. So proud to be her mama. Love and miss you sissy forever our sweet girl.
    Love Mama,Daddy,Jayce and Chewy