Monday, March 19, 2018

"Seamus" Hession

In Loving Memory of Seamus
Beloved pet of the Hession family


  1. Love and miss you little guy. You brought such joy to your family and everyone that you came in contact with. You will be missed. I know you're probably driving around in your own truck across the rainbow bridge, tongue hangin out, ears flapping in the breeze. Love Uncle LLoyd

  2. Seamus.."Heart of a lion"
    "He who Runs with wolves"
    "Horse rider"
    "Prances as he walks"
    Love, Granmma and Daddy

  3. sweet love:) Love you forever and took a piece of me that will never be the same. You were a pure joy to me and gave great comfort through many times and struggles...just with you at my feet on the loveseat gave me so much comfort and peace :) Love you Grimmie..always