Friday, August 5, 2016

"Deuce" Peterson

In Loving Memory of Deuce
Beloved pet of the Peterson family


  1. November 1 (estimated), 2003 – August 4, 2016

    We were so lucky to have Deuce as part of our family. He was the sweetest boy ever and would treat you to a cuddle whenever you sat down, whether you needed one or not. He was irresistibly touchable, with ears like silk and a face like velvet. He was the biggest bed hog, continually needing body heat and touch all night long. He loved to cuddle during movies.

    He never met a treat he didn’t like and was always first in line, sitting prettiest and tallest at treat time. He could patiently sit for hours staring at the kitchen counter begging for food and would periodically snort or sigh to let you know he was still there… patiently waiting. When we were out of the home, he would not hesitate to grab a loaf bread off the counter and devour it.

    He loved his family and was very much loved by his family. We will never forget the scared, skinny puppy Duke that grew into the confident, beautiful, loving and loyal companion Deuce.

    Deuce is survived by his 3 human and 3 canine family members. He was most likely greeted at the Rainbow Bridge by his companion Daisy and pack member Sam.

    Deuce will be missed every day. He will never, ever be forgotten.

    Dukey Deuce,

    We love and miss you!

    Your Family

  2. Deuce was a sweet and loving boy. He was with me from the day I was born until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Every time we came home he would smack us with his wagging tail. Whenever the other dogs would play fight he would smack them to the ground with his big paw. When it was feeding time he would jump up and down like a big kangaroo. At treat time he was front and center waiting for his treat. I loved him so very much.

  3. DEUCE is on the loose at the rainbow bridge, he gets to play with all his friends again and sleep with his beloved Daisy when he's tired from his adventures. I met Deuce when he first came to live with Michelle and the kids he was a skinny scared boy who grew into one of the sweetest dog's ever all from the love they gave him. God bless you pretty boy. love Steve

  4. So..... Sweet sweet Deuce has left us to go play as a young pup again... Or lay under a nice big shade tree. Whatever Deuce decides to do he will always carry in his heart the knowledge that he was so very loved by his humans. He was such a lover and such a ham too. I miss your soft ears Dukey Deuce. You will always be loved and remembered. Aunt Faiths

  5. I cannot believe you have been gone a year now, Deuce. We think about you daily. We love you.

  6. You've been gone 2 years now. We miss you so much. We love you, Dukey Deuce!

  7. Still missing you at 3 years. We love you, Deuce!