Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Sadie" Orr

In Loving Memory of Sadie
Beloved pet of the Orr family

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  1. Sadie you were my best friend for so long. You were there when things weren't going well by my side to let me know it would be ok. You were there every night when I came home from work to let me know you were glad I was home. I loved to pick you up and you would cuddle and purr. I am so glad that when you were found in that little box in that apartment hallway in NY you were given to me and I brought you home to Florida. That was the best thing I ever did! Your sisters Bianca and Lily miss you. Lily keeps looking for you at treat time and misses her playing buddy. We love you and we will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge when it is time. In the mean time, let Deno, Nosey, Violet, Drake and especially Sam know that I miss them and will see them again and we will all be together.