Thursday, February 13, 2020

"Daisy" Gregory

In Loving Memory of Daisy
Beloved pet of the Gregory family

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  1. My Little Daisy girl I love and miss you so very much. I remember the day I got you (2005). You were so tiny you fit in the palm of my hand. You are my 1st Fur baby and have been by my side all these years. When I was sick you were right there by my side. When i was pregnant you guarded my belly. once the kids were here you protected them. When I dropped food on the floor you were my little vacuum. Ever since you were 2 I know you were battling your back problems and the strong pup you are you took your meds and shots like a champ. I know this last year was getting harder on you but you were doing your best to not show it. I know now you are not in any pain and that your watching us from up above but mommy is still crying . You will always have a big part of my heart baby girl. The house is not the same with you gone . When I use to come home you would be right there in the front window looking at me barking now that's gone. You use to follow me every where in the house and now when I look down you are not there. we had a lot of great memories together and i will always cherish them. RIP my sweet furbaby Daisy . Love Mommy, Daddy, Savannah, Dominick, Raja,Akira,Onyx, Khalessi, and Midnight.