Wednesday, November 6, 2019

"Bart" Neverette

In Loving Memory of Bart
Beloved pet of the Neverette family


  1. My precious Bart. From the minute Fran brought you home, you were perfect. You went to the door to go out to do your business. You were gentle, patient and kind with children. You were never food aggressive. Happy and calm. You were loved by everyone who met you. You inspired others to get dogs of their own, because you were such a good puppy. You were so cute, strangers always commented on it and one actually asked if they could buy you from us. One of the neighbors would always pull over to get out of her car to pet you. Even cats in the neighborhood sought you out for attention. You were that special. So laid back, you were as lazy or as energetic as we asked you to be. Always happy to see us and thrilled to greet strangers, still you were never an emotionally needy dog. Just your nightly 'scrubbing'(ear scratching or back scratching) or 'massage a dog' neck massages, which you sought out and you were contented to curl up at the foot of the bed for the night. Rest in peace my sweet baby dog. Love and miss you.